Spring 2020 Update

University of Idaho

The LIT 3rd annual all-project and stakeholder meeting will be held on Feb. 21st at the University of Idaho. Researchers will be present to discuss data presented in the research updates as well as new research and extension needs. All interested stakeholders are encouraged to attend in person or through Zoom (https://uidaho.zoom.us/j/780803374, Meeting ID: 780 803 374). If attending in person, please RSVP.

The following set of presentations highlight activities and preliminary results of LIT research, with a focus on 2019. We hope that viewing the presentations in advance of our annual project meeting will result in greater discussion around the presented data, other LIT work and even new research directions. We are always fine-tuning and thinking about ways to extend and maximize the value of our work. Stakeholder feedback is essential to these efforts.

Video Presentations
LIT Intro Presentation
Jodi Johnson-Maynard
LIT Profitability AgBizLogic
Clark Seavert
LIT Insects and Weeds
Sanford Eigenbrode
Greenhouse Gas Exchange for Business as Usual and Diversified Rotations
Shelley Pressley
Measuring Greenhouse Gas Fluxes with an Automated Chamber System in an Agricultural Field
Alicia Iwanicki
LIT Rotational Crop Yield, Nitrogen, and Water use
Erin Brooks
Alternative cropping rotations impacts on soil Health in the inland Pacific Northwest
LIT Agronomy Report 2020
Kurt Schroeder
LIT Food System Vulnerabilities
Claire Friedrichsen